The Story of the Reko Pizzelle Cookie

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How an ancient recipe became a modern classic.
In 1985, a little known culinary treasure from Italy found its way to the Canadian market. Founder Ces Nucci knew the peoples of the New World would love his mother’s pizzelle.

It wasn’t easy, Ces needed custom equipment that could produce multiple pizzelle cookies at a time without sacrificing the subtle flavors and trademark crunch he’d known and loved his whole life. Persevering through the obstacles the little business took off and grew to enjoy international popularity. Today we manufacturer over 2 million pizzelle cookies a day!

‘I bring you a little taste of my heritage’

Ces' Signature
Cesidio Nucci, Founder

History of Pizzelle

Thank you, people of Abruzzo
Pizzelle is Italian for small, flat and round – and is, not surprisingly, the root of pizza. Pizzelle waffle-style cookies are made by pouring tasty batter between two iron plates which are then held over a fire or heated electrically.

Pizzelle’s have been around
Originating in the south-central area of Abruzzo in the 8th century, pizzelle today is still argued over by two small towns each claiming to have originated the treat, which is featured in their festivals.

The citizens of Salle, Pescara, celebrate the festival of Beato Roberto in July. Celebrants parade with branches bearing pizzelle hung as offerings. In Cocullo, L’Aquila, celebrants eat pizzelle during the festival of Domenico, covering their patron saint’s statue with snakes and carrying it around town.

A family staple
Pizzelle cookies are served at weddings, parties and celebrations in Abruzzo and all over Italy. Traditionally associated with family, pizzelle irons were commonly fashioned in the pattern of a family’s crest.

All the waffle cookie goodness – without the guilt!

The best thing about Reko Pizzelle Italian Styled waffle cookies is that they’re deliciously guilt-free. They don’t contain any preservatives. They have zero Trans Fat (also known as bad cholesterol), too. This low-calorie cookie is a great way to appease your craving for a sweet treat without worrying about having too much.

A Canvas for Your Dessert Recipes

The Pizzelle is sweet, light, and crisp. This makes the cookie a beautiful blank canvas for different recipes. Let your imagination and your culinary prowess run wild, and use the cookie as a base for different dessert toppings, sauces, spreads, and more.

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