The Story of the Reko Pizzelle Cookie

A Crispy History

Pizzelles, the oldest known waffle cookies, originated in Italy.  The name pizzelle is based on the Italian word ‘pizze’ meaning round and flat, with the ending ‘elle’ referring to its small size. Often featured during celebrations, and hung as edible decorations, the pizzelle has been woven into countless meaningful moments throughout history. It’s not just a cookie, but an artifact of true Italian craftmanship and celebration.

When you reach for a pizzelle you’re reaching towards a thousand years of tradition, celebrations, and delicious moments. In 8th century Abruzzo, Italy, the pizzelle was created and heralded for its subtle sweetness and satisfying crispy texture. These golden waffle cookies are so important to the people of south-central Abruzzo that two neighboring towns still argue about which town originated the pizzelle.

Our founder, Ces Nucci was inspired by the irresistible aroma of fresh sweet pizzelles griddling in the kitchen of his childhood home.  In 1985, he set out to bring this delicious tradition to the rest of the world.  Custom ovens and baking equipment were sourced to preserve the classic flavor and light crispy texture, and make it broadly available to more households. Pizzelle irons were commonly fashioned in the pattern of a family’s crest, so our classic Reko “snowflake” pattern is unique to us!

Today, we still proudly make our Addictively Delicious!™ Pizzelles the same way, baked fresh in Canada, in a peanut-free facility, in small batches, and hand packed.  Best of all, Reko Pizzelles do not require a special occasion – it’s about celebrating every moment, and enjoying simple indulgences, each and every day.

More Goodness from the NuStef Baking Family

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